Delivery Truck and treated wood

Our quality and service is unmatched in the wood treatment industry...

Absolutely no one has done more to bring quality and environmentally-compatible wood treatments to the marketplace.


Preservative Treatments:

We have an immense and diversified wood-products inventory of over 20 million board feet at our three treating facilities, specializing in Douglas fir products in all shapes and sizes. As a result, we are the largest AWPA (American Wood Preservers' Association) treated Douglas fir wood supplier in the world. Our waterborne preservative treatments allow us to treat other Northwest species, such as Hemlock, Hem fir, Ponderosa pine and other whitewoods to AWPA and ICC/ICBO standards, as well as our customers' individual specifications. Our wood products (treated and untreated) are shipped worldwide.

We also offer kiln-dried treated lumber and plywood with our new generation of dehumidification kilns. Our customers get those hard-to-find items, like 1x2-16' to 14x36-60' beams. Custom milling is our specialty… precision end trimming, drilling and planing are also available for items like crane pads, decorative posts, bridges, docks and light posts. We also provide drafting, shop drawings and engineering upon request. WE PROVIDE THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR THE RIGHT JOB AT A FAIR PRICE.

For over 46 years, we have treated over hundreds of million board feet of wood products and have done so with pride, confidence and assurance with our custom computer programs, in-house quality control and tracking procedures.

If you would like more information about our products and services, please contact us via email, or call any of our toll-free numbers listed on our home page.