About Us

Conrad Forest Products servicing south Oregon coast since 1958

We provide purchasers with quality products, a wide range of choices, and consistent, professional service.

This is our company philosophy,
and it's remained unchanged since 1958.

Headquartered on the south Oregon coast, Conrad Forest Products was a pioneer in pressure treatment. Our preservation experience goes back to 1958 when we began providing durability to common species of wood. Since then, we have undergone significant changes in our capabilities, technology, products, and services. Furthermore, we strive to produce environmentally beneficial building materials in an environmentally sound manner.

Markets Served

We serve industrial, heavy construction, and retail markets, and any market where long-lasting building materials are needed.

Our customers cover a wide geographical area. We supply western states with our full selection of products. With international ports nearby, we routinely ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Asia, and South America. And, because of the special products we offer, we are occasionally called upon to serve customers in the eastern United States and Europe.

We ship by truck, barge, rail, and air. And we do it promptly to meet your needs.

Our Products

In inventory, ready for shipment, are a variety of wood products. Other items are available by special order.

Our products include lumber, timbers, posts, piling, plywood, and glue-laminated members, pressure-treated with one of our four preservative formulations. We also supply untreated lumber, plywood, and beams.

We are surrounded by Douglas fir forests, and are the world's largest producer of treated Douglas fir that conforms to standards of the American Wood-Preservers' Association. But we are not a one-species operation; we also preserve western hemlock, hem-fir, ponderosa pine, and other species.

Your Choice of Treatments

Whatever your application for the wood, we probably can provide a treatment that meets your requirements.

We use four waterborne preservatives:

Industries Served

Custom Services

In addition to our large inventory of varied products, we offer our facilities and expertise for your special requirements.

Among the services available are:

  • Treating Service Only for your material
  • Kiln drying
  • Precision end trimming
  • Custom remanufacturing
  • Special packaging

Producing environmentally beneficial materials in an environmentally responsible manner

Early in the history of our company — at about the time of the first Earth Day — we made a commitment to our employees, our community, and the environment that we would:

  1. Meet or exceed all environmental regulations
  2. Continually improve our standards of treatment
  3. Introduce technological advancements to our manufacturing process
  4. Reduce toxic substances where possible
  5. Review our products and procedures on an ongoing basis

Our guiding principle is "common sense environmentalism," by which we mean sound environmental practice based on supported scientific data and consideration of practical alternatives.

We try to be mindful of the environment in our manufacturing operations.

Our lumber comes from sustained yield forests and tree farms, such as Weyerhaeuser's Mt. St. Helens Tree Farm. We produce our preserved wood in facilities that comply fully with EPA regulations. In fact, we exceed EPA requirements: our lumberyard is paved, and we store material under cover. We supply wood that conforms to Best Management Practices and, when requested, will ship material covered with a paper wrap.


Versatile, Safe, Renewable, Durable, Real.

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