Utility Poles

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Copper Naphthenate Treatment for Utility Poles

Why Copper Naphthenate

  • Consumer pressure for a clean end products
  • No listed carcinogens
  • Non restricted use pesticide
  • Works as well as alternatives
  • Good waterproofing qualities, and non corrosive

Copper Naphthenate Basics

  • Naphthenic acid is a natural component of petroleum, not a synthetic petrochemical
    - Recovered for commercial uses; previously disposed of as waste
  • Copper used in QNap recovered from electronics waste
  • QNap - a proven safe and effective preservative
  • QNap-treated poles - properties advantageous to utilities
    - A renewable natural material
    - From a sustainable, managed source
    - Treated with a non-restricted use preservative, manufactured domestically using reclaimed substances
    - Options for uses after normal service life

Environmental Comparison Report

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In an age of increasing environmental awareness and regulatory pressure... What more could you ask for in a utility pole?