TriMax Structural Plastic Lumber

TriMax Structural Plastic Lumber

The first building material of its kind - Structural Plastic Lumber!

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Made of recycled plastic (HDPE) and 30% Fiber Fill, TriMax Structural Plastic Lumber is uniquely suited for outdoor applications requiring superior strength and durability. Plus, it’s an ecologically sound alternative for pressure-treated lumber.

Sensitive aquatic installations are environmentally friendly using our exclusive TriMax Structural Lumber, a patented formula using recycled plastic and fiberfill. TriMax Structural Plastic Lumber is the first product of its kind to combine the benefits of plastic lumber with the structural strength similar to wood. TriMax Structural Plastic Lumber is a cost effective solution for many of your Marine applications.

TriMax Textures

Now you can enhance any project with the added beauty and slip-resistance of Trimax Textures.

TriMax gives you all the advantages:

  • Low maintenance — no sanding, staining, painting or sealing.
  • Weather-resistant, colorfast and extraordinarily fade resistant.
  • Stain resistant — unaffected by grease, foods and most household chemicals.
  • Won’t rot, split, splinter or check.
  • Safe - emits no arsenic or other toxic chemicals.
  • Available in smooth, textured or knurled surface.
  • Protected with a 50-year limited, transferable warranty.

TriMax Structural Plastic Lumber Advantages:

  • Impervious to water and chemicals
  • Stands up against saltwater, insects, fungi, oils and fuels
  • Requires no sanding, painting, staining or sealing
  • Will not rot, split, chip or crack
  • Colorfast
  • 50 Year Limited Warranty
  • Recyclable

TriMax Structural Plastic Lumber End Uses:

  • Boardwalks
  • Decking
  • Railing
  • Fences
  • Landscaping
  • Docks and Marinas
  • Bridges