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Conrad Forest Products introduces a single product to solve the biggest issues facing the building industry today... the devastating effects of moisture, mold and wood destroying insects.

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For most homeowners a home represents their most important investment and tangible asset. To insure that the wood components utilized in the building of their home are protected from fungal and wood-destroying insect infestation, they should specify BluWood for all framing lumber, trusses and sheathing components. Only then can they be assured that their wood components are protected from potentially costly and damaging wood-destroying insect and fungal infestation problems before, during and after construction of their home.

Now you have a choice... the right choice... BluWood.

BluWood's State-Of-The-Art Infusion Film Process:
BluWood is a preconstruction, factory-applied, two part wood protection system. BluWood contains DOT and is applied to protect the wood from fungus and wood destroying insects, including Formosan termites. Each wood component is completely encapsulated with the BluWood Infusion Film to provide controlled topical and subsurface absorption. Mandatory quality control procedures, continuous monitoring, permanent record keeping, scientific testing and third party inspection are used to insure the highest quality standards.

What Materials Can Be Protected?
The two parts of the BluWood System can be applied to all wood framing, roof and floor trusses, plywood, OSB sheathing, beams and rafter components. BluWood lumber can be sawed, nailed, painted or adhered just as untreated components can so workers don’t have to handle it any differently on the job site.

Prevent Construction Delays
Because BluWood is factory applied, the wood components arrive at the job site all precoated and ready to go. This helps builders avoid costly construction and inspection delays.

BluWood Brunswick BluWood Framing

The Importance Of Precise Moisture Control
Protection against excess moisture goes a long way towards protecting wood inventories. The BluWood Infusion Film provides a water repellant, semi-permeable vapor film that interlocks with the wood fibers in the substrate, which limits moisture absorption. This precise moisture control now allows wood component suppliers and builders to store BluWood components unprotected from the elements for up to six months.

The War On Termites
The incidence of infestation and damage by fungus and wood destroying insects can increase when materials are left unprotected. BluWood contains a borate solution with proven insecticidal / fungicidal properties, providing resistance to costly damage by wood ingesting insects, including Formosan termites. Typically when building a home only a small percentage of wood components are protected from wood destroying insects (termites). BluWood can expand this valuable protection to include all of the wood framing, trusses, rafters, and sheathing components utilized to build a home.

BluWood™ is a powerful solution. Building components are engineered to resist the devastating effects of moisture, mold, and wood ingesting insects on wood. BluWood components are the result of a precisely controlled coating that is applied to all surfaces of wood components.

BluWood is a factory applied, two part system developed by highly respected chemists. The first part is the Infusion Film. The state-of-the-art Infusion Film totally encapsulates wood substrates to form a water-repellant, vapor permeable film, which controls the moisture absorption capabilities of wood while allowing moisture vapor to escape naturally. The wood continues to breathe, which helps maintain normal moisture levels. The Infusion Film is also treated to resist mold growth on the dried surface of the film.

The second part of BluWood is DOT, a proven fungicide and insecticide, providing exceptional resistance to fungi and wood ingesting insects, including termites.

How BluWood Works

Factory Applied Application

Factory Applied Application
The two parts that comprise the system are applied precisely to all six sides of the approved substrates using a specially engineered Infusion Film process.

Vapor Permeable Barrier

Vapor Permeable Barrier
BluWood’s Infusion Film allows trapped moisture within wood to escape, and keeps external moisture from seeping in, creating the optimal moisture balance.

Continued Penetration

Continued Penetration
BluWood's Infusion Film ingredients continue to migrate below the topical surfaces after initial treatment application for sub-surface protection.

Cellular Bonding

Cellular Bonding
As it penetrates, BluWood’s Infusion Film bonds with wood fibers at the cellular level.

The Infusion Film reduces the rate of vapor transmission from within the wood. The end result is a better conditioned board with less curling, splitting and cupping. The Infusion Film is treated to prevent mold growth on the dried surface of the film.

BluWood Approved Uses

BluWood components can be used in building the following structures:

  • Residential Single & Multi-Family
  • Light Commercial
  • Factory Built Systems & Structures

Approved Interior, Above Ground, Weather Protected, Covered Structure, Air or Kiln Dried Wood Components:

  • Framing
  • Studs
  • Roof & Floor Trusses
  • Rafters, Beams, Joist & Headers
  • Engineered Wood
  • OSB
  • Plywood - Roof, Wall & Floor Sheathing
  • Molding, trim & Millwork

Approved Exterior, Above Ground, Air or Kiln Dried or Pressure Treated Components, that will upon installation and thereafter be further protected from the weather with a quality exterior grade paint, stain or sealer recommended for exterior wood surfaces:

  • Wood/Composite Siding
  • Fencing
  • Columns
  • Molding & Trim
  • Window & Door Components
  • Deck & Stair Parts
  • Log Home Wood Components

Approved for application to wood components that have been treated with any of the following:

  • CCA
  • Thompsonized (after 60 days weathering)
  • ACZA
  • Borates
  • CA-C

Air or Kiln Dried Wood Species:

  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • Hem-Fir
  • Spruce-Pine-Fir
  • Douglas Fir
  • White Wood
  • Most Soft & Hard Wood Species

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is BluWood?
    • BluWood is the name given a two component factory application protecting wood framing materials from mold, moisture, fungi and termite damage. The first component, DOT, is an EPA registered fungicide/termiticide. The second component is a water repellent, vapor permeable sub-surface film that conditions wood, and will not support mold growth on the applied film. BluWood provides a much needed service available to all of the wood framing components used in a structure: the roof system, wall system and floor system.

  • Where is BluWood used?
    • BluWood is approved for most all wood framing components used in residential and approved commercial structures. These Covered Structure components include structural lumber, plywood, OSB, subfloor panel products, engineered wood products, lumber for structural components (truss products), moldings and trim boards.

  • How is BluWood different from the many competitive products?
    • The most effective method of preventing mold growth is to prevent water/moisture absorption. This is difficult to achieve. Unlike other mold preventive products that are available by job-site application, BluWood is applied to lumber, panel products and EWP by closely monitored quality assurance guidelines. Licensed factory application insures complete and consistent coverage that doesn’t interfere with the construction of the building.

  • Can BluWood be used in exterior applications?
    • Yes, this is an excellent primer, even for waterborne preservative treated wood, and will accept most exterior finish systems. It will continue to provide these unique features and compliment top coat products.

  • How long does it take for BluWood to be effective?
    • The reaction with wood is immediate. Once the treatment is dry, all components can be exposed to the weather for up to six months.

  • Will BluWood be effective if mold is already present on the surface of the materials to be treated?
    • Yes, a powdery dust and stain may still remain, but the surface will have insignificant levels of microbial organisms.

  • Can BluWood be applied to pressure treated wood?
    • Yes, BluWood applied to waterborne preservative treated wood, will provide the same benefits of protection with no adverse affects.

  • Does this system have any affect on the structural properties of wood?
    • No, there are no adverse changes in the structural properties of wood when coated with BluWood.

  • Will the moisture controlling properties of BluWood have any affect on splitting, checking, warp, bow and other “natural” wood properties?
    • Yes, the water repellent property greatly reduces the intake of water into the surface of BluWood. The vapor permeable quality slows the moisture vapor transfer from the environment AND from within wood. Builders often experience more “usable” wood on the job-site, especially after the framing package has been delivered to the job-site and been exposed to rainfall or high moisture. Stabilizing building components with BluWood reduces unusable lumber left over on the job-site by as much as 25% or more.

  • Are there any other job-site benefits of the moisture controlling properties of BluWood with wood framing materials?
    • Yes, by controlling the water AND moisture absorption into the surface, inclement weather can be less of a delay during the framing stages of construction. Multi-family builders have reported fewer delays in construction due to the ability to work in safe, but high moisture, even light rain conditions. Using BluWood coated building components allows the contractor to continue after such events without the concern of trapping moisture within structural members and eventual mold growth.

  • Will BluWood react with truss plates, hangers and connectors?
    • Industry recognized third party testing was performed for corrosion on metal plates used for structural components. Results were confirmed that this treatment is non-reactive, and within 2% of the affects of water. In addition, major truss plate manufacturers have performed lateral resistance tests and similarly concluded that BluWood lumber has no adverse affects when used with plates, hangers or connectors.

  • Is BluWood effective when used with lumber that has moisture content above 19%?
    • Yes, BluWood forms a vapor permeable film within the cellular structure fiber of wood. This unique stabilizing affect helps control season checks, splits, cracks and excessive brittleness by allowing a more controlled and consistent seasoning. Our process is equally effective on unseasoned, green lumber, as well as kiln dried or air dried lumber.

  • Does BluWood replace code required termite treatment programs (Primary Termite Treatment)?
    • No, you will still need to comply with local code requirements for approved termite protection provided by a professional Pest Control Operator.

  • Are there environmental, toxicological or regulatory concerns with the use or disposal of BluWood building components?
    • BluWood can be recycled and has the same disposal requirements as non-treated wood. There are virtually no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) that can be released into the environment, and meets the EPA requirements for non-hazardous, non-polluting and non-carcinogenic materials. BluWood has no odor, will not emit gases, or create any other toxicological or environmental issues when used in the interior of a home.

  • How can I get BluWood wood framing components?
    • BluWood is licensed for factory application to Conrad Forest Products. We supply major building material suppliers in the home building industry. For more information, please contact us.