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Headquartered on the south Oregon coast, Conrad Forest Products was a pioneer in pressure treatment. Our preservation experience goes back to 1958 when we began providing durability to common species of wood. Since then, we have undergone significant changes in our capabilities, technology, products, and services.


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True Genuine Fijian Mahogany

True Genuine Fijian Mahogony
The ultimate wood for all decking purposes, Genuine Fijian Mahogany's utility is unparalleled. In an age where trends and fashions come and go with the wind, throughout time true Genuine Mahogany's quality stands above all other possible material choices.

Wolmanized logo

One of the "new generation" or "green-building" wood preservatives containing no EPA listed hazardous constituents. It is ideal for western species, including Douglas fir. This wood treatment has been used around the world where special environmental concerns or restrictions exist. It can be stained or painted and is suitable for above ground or ground contact.
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Chemonite Wood
Pressure-treated with ACZA to protect poles, piling, timbers, and posts against termites and fungal decay. ACZA treatment is the only system that consistently meets standards for desirable yet otherwise difficult-to-treat species such as Douglas fir.
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Sillbor Borate Treated Wood logo

Sillbor Borate Treated Wood
The economical choice for areas not subject to direct contact with water. Typical applications include sill plates, trusses, wall plates, ceiling joists, floor beams, and door frames.

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Copper Naphthenate
Copper Naphthenate Treatment for Utility Poles is an 8% oil-borne copper naphthenate solution that is an EPA-registered, non-restricted/general use preservative also standardized for use by the AWPA (P36).
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BluWood - The Color of Protection
BluWood solves the biggest issues facing the building industry today... the devastating effects of moisture, mold and wood destroying insects. BluWood is a preconstruction, factory-applied, two part wood protection system.

Premium Wood Products

High-Grade Wood Products - Untreated and Treated
• Timbers, Posts & Beams, Joists & Planks
• Engineered Wood Products
• Poles, Piles
• Dimension Lumber
• Panel Products


• Boards
• Dimensional Lumber
• Douglas Fir
• Hem Fir, Hemlock, & Mixed White Woods
• and more

Conrad Forest Products has a diverse inventory of softwood and hardwood products. Our specialty is Coastal Douglas fir, and we carry a variety of sizes, lengths and grades from which to choose, including #1 FOHC FOW, Dense No. 1, Rgh Stock, Glulams and Panel products. Other species of lumber, timbers and glulams are available. Remanufacture and manufacturing is available on all our products encompassing a wide variety of services, such as patterns, hole drilling, chamfering and more. We specialize in multi-dimensional packages. No order is too large or too small.






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